Have you always wanted to work for a sports team?

Are you an energetic person with a positive attitude, great work ethic, and enjoy working with people?

If so, then a Game Day Assistant with the Solent Thrashers may be right for you!

The Thrashers are now accepting applications for the upcoming 2020 season.

Everyone that applies will have the opportunity to several positions throughout the year!

A few of the many jobs that will be available include:

Chain Crew 

Ball Boys/Girls 
Water Carriers 
Game Day Stewards 
Programme Sellers 

Physio / Medical Staff***

As a volunteer of the Solent Thrashers, you will receive a unique opportunity to experience working in a sports setting.  The Thrashers will play a minimum of 5 home games throughout the summer, with the possibility of additional games if the Bullfrogs enter the playoffs. Volunteers will always be expected to demonstrate a positive attitude and exceptional service as a member of the Thrashers.

Each job has its own start and end time but typically the game day staff will be working roughly an hour before the game starts until the game ends.  Games can last anywhere from 2 ½ to 3 ½ hours.  There is also potential for additional events during the summer in addition to the regularly scheduled games.

* Knowledge of the American Football is desirable

** Knowledge of the American Football and Basic Camera equipment is desirable

*** Minimum requirement is required by the governing body - Criteria can be found HERE

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