2018 League Alignment announced

The Thrashers will be looking forward to going up against and competing in a competitive league where each of the teams will be looking for success:-

- Sussex Thunder

- Ouse Valley Eagles

- Oxford Saints

- Berkshire Renegades

- Bristol Apache

For 2018, Division 1 will be spilt into Four Conferences, split regionally (Two in North & Two in South) and each of these conferences are being expanded to 6 teams in each.

Each Conference of six teams will play each of their opponents home and away, for a regular season of 10 games.

This will be followed by the playoffs, with the top two teams in each of the four conferences making the North & South Quarter & Semi Finals, with the BAFA National League Division 1 Final in early September.

The Full 2018 Fixtures will be announced shortly.

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