Solent Thrashers 2020 Corona Games

During the Corona Virus lockdown, several of the Thrashers team decided to keep their fitness levels up and support each other’s mental health by participating in the ‘Solent Thrashers 2020 Corona Games’.

The games were the brain child of 5th year DE Lewis Minns.

Que some impressive feats of physicality combined with some even more impressive banter.

Team Members Team Name

Matt Hewlett (WR) & Jake Alward (OL) Beauty & the Beast

Rob Bloodworth (RB) & Dayle Greenfield (WR) Globo Gym Deadly Vipers

Lewis Minns (DL) & Chris Baker (WR) The ‘Baker-Lew’ Line

Paddy Tickner (LB) & J Alex ‘TT’ Geas (RB) The Alouettes

Lou Robbins (OL) & Ally Reid (QB) Transformers

Peter Macey (DB) & Adam McClure (OL) M&M’s

Finley Minns (Fan) & Shaun Minns (Stats) Geriatric & The Juvenile

Adam Bowley (RB) & Charlotte Platt (Fan) Run DNC

Vasily Fedorov (LB) & Mrs Fedorov (Fan) ShuvaS

Brad Sawyers (QB) & Thomas Bane (RB) Blood Sweat and Beers

Efe Collins (RB) & Craig Appleton (LB) Ebony & Ivory

Harry Parsons (DB) & Mike Wing (OL) Little and Large


1: Max press ups in 1 minute

2: Plank for max time

3: Max squat thrusts in 1 minute

4: Wall sit for max time

5: Wonderlic test

6: ‘Minns Medley’ 10 dips, 10 squat thrusts, 10 squats, 10 press ups, 10 high-knees, 10 step ups – fastest time

1. Max Press-ups

What a start to the Corona games! Some seriously impressive numbers mixed with questionable form, depth and lockouts paved the way for hilarious banter and form shaming. The ultra-competitive nature of the team trying to squeeze out dodgy extra reps resulted in the call for the alleged 1970 team press-up champions to judge the videos posted on the Facebook Messenger group. Many, many reps lost their lives that day. The winning team for this challenge was the Globo Gym Deadly Vipers with 129 reps, closely followed by Ebony & Ivory with 127 and M&M’s with 122 reps.

2. Plank for Max Time

Some good times on this event required creativity from several team members, not on how to achieve better times, but on how to get their video file size to upload on to Facebook Messenger. The team quickly learned that music was a key factor in shutting off the pain and extending their times. Fast forwarded videos of team members shaking and grimacing provided evidence of their achievements. The Globo Gym Deadly Viper once again took this event with a combined time of 08:21 with M&M’s in second (07:20) and Ebony & Ivory in third (06:48). The Globo Gym Deadly Vipers were taking a commanding lead with Ebony & Ivory and M&M’s in joint second overall.

3. Max Squat Thrusts in 1 Minute