Solent Thrashers AGM 2019

On the 1st November 2019, the Thrashers came together for their AGM and the awaited Awards Night since becoming Division 1 National Champions!

We’re delighted to announce the following recipients of the following awards:

Players Player of the Year:

Adam Bowley

Offensive MVP:

Tom Davies

Defensive MVP:

Jason Oluwa

Special Teams MVP:

Will Elgeti

Offensive Line of the Year:

Mike Wing

Defensive Line of the Year:

Jason Oluwa

Offensive Backs of the Year:

Tom Bane

WR/TE of the Year:

Matt Hewlett

Linebacker of the Year:

Dan McMillan

Defensive Back of the Year:

Alex Veitch

Most Improved:

Ewen Minns

Coaches Offensive of the Year:

Adam McClure

Coaches Defensive of the Year:

Peter Macey

Offensive Newcomer:

J Alex Geas

Defensive Newcomer:

Toni Mazzone

Rookie of the Year:

Daryl Gibbens

Clubman of the Year:

Rich Le-Vallee

With this sport it’s not the individual but the whole team’s combined performance over the full season, this includes coaches, the committee, game day volunteers, supporters and players.

We take this opportunity to thank all those involved with the Thrashers in 2019 and we move on and start preparations for Premiership Football in 2020!

During the Thrashers AGM, we’re pleased to announce our 2020 Management Committee.


Paddy Tickner

Vice Chairman:

Adam McClure


Tobias Marchant


Jenny Rains

Promotions Manager:

Mike Wing

Social Media Officer:

Mel Connolly

Head of Performance & Welfare:

Ali Hugo

Game Day Manager:

Shaun Minns

We still have the following vacancy for the following positions within the club:-

* Events Coordinator

* Equipment Manager

If you’re interested in applying for either of these roles, please message the page or email:




All photographs courtesy of our Club Photographer, Jason Brown Photography.

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